H011 : Katathani Phuket Beach Resort


Resting along 850 meters of unspoiled white sandy beach, embraced by lush green hills and sparkling blue ocean, Katathani Phuket Beach Resort recalls a tropical dream. Warm sands, the soft rhythm of lapping waves, and gently swaying coconut palms relax your senses—while our six swimming pools, six restaurants, and full-service spa delight them. (For the privacy of our guests, outside visitors are welcomed to dine at Seaside Restaurant only. All other restaurants and facilities are reserved for hotel guests only.)


Categories : Hotels Phuket


Period : 22 Dec 2022 - 07 Jan 2023  

Room TypeDouble / TwinExtra ABF ChildExtra Bed
Grand Deluxe134003001500
Junior Suite140003001500
Junior Suite Ocean Front150003001500
Pool Access150003001500
Grand Suite165003001500


Period : 01 - 28 Feb 2023

Room TypeDouble / TwinExtra ABF ChildExtra Bed
Grand Deluxe83103001500
Junior Suite91203001500
Junior Suite Ocean Front100203001500
Pool Access100203001500
Grand Suite109203001500


Period : 01 - 31 Mar 2023

Room TypeDouble / TwinExtra ABF ChildExtra Bed
Grand Deluxe74203001500
Junior Suite81403001500
Junior Suite Ocean Front89403001500
Pool Access89403001500
Grand Suite97403001500


Period : 01 - 30 Apr 2023

Room TypeDouble / TwinExtra ABF ChildExtra Bed
Grand Deluxe54003001500
Junior Suite58003001500
Junior Suite Ocean Front62003001500
Pool Access62003001500
Grand Suite71003001500


Period : 01 May- 30 Sep 2023

Room TypeDouble / TwinExtra ABF ChildExtra Bed
Grand Deluxe41253001500
Junior Suite44253001500
Junior Suite Ocean Front47253001500
Pool Access47253001500
Grand Suite54003001500

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